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Petrified...Anxious...Ready to bolt...On edge 24/7 and you didn't get any better quickly. You were possibly the hardest bless you. Time and treatment had damaged you beyond complete repair and affected you so badly that at times I didn't think anything but a wild free lifestyle would ever suit you. 
You were covered in your own excrement and you wore fear and stress on your face constantly. You bolted...or froze and melted down when I approached 
to clean your kennel even after weeks you chose to be as far away as possible. 
Time in the field helped you to see that there was more to 
life...But you were always aware that it could be snatched back...
A slip up quick kiss or happy smile from you was quickly replaced with a look of fear for letting your guard down. You were broken...I never thought we would find you a home and I had started to think a rehab or sanctuary may be the best
bet, when your family came along...She had loved you from day one but she couldn't possibly have another dog...Their dog wouldn't tolerate you... 
But when we ask and we wish for good things to benefit others good things 
happen... Good things come our way and as if by magic...there you are! Living in a home integrated into a small lovely pack who love you...With humans who dote on you...Each day you remember your fears and each day you get on with it supported by your loving family who wanted you so much...Each day you grow stronger x 
Oh Mav...Well done.

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