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You were a puppy at heart who wanted badly to trust.. Beautiful girl filled with love just waiting for an outlet to give it...But fear because of your past had paralysed you just like the rest of the 12. The living conditions you had been forced to live in meant that you were smelly but you tried so hard to keep clean. You would stand in the front of the kennel where the rain would penetrate just to get a wash bless. Over the weeks you began to trust me and then when you instigated play...I knew you had turned a massive corner. After that, you came on in leaps and bounds, wanting affection and giving it gladly with all your little heart. 
We found you an amazing family in time and you learnt to trust them and now...Your a normal happy girl with a wonderful life and all the love you could want.
We couldn't be prouder of you Ruby roo <3

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