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Meet Our Team

S.H.A.R.E relys on a team of volunteers, we all run the rescue in our spare time and for no pay. Some of us have been involved with dogs and rescue for years and some of us are new to all of this. We all have different roles in the rescue but each of us are needed to ensure the rescue runs smoothly.


Claire Dalton  - The Boss

Claire co-founded S.H.A.R.E in 2012 and has given her life to rescue ever since!  Today Claire is still very much involved in S.H.A.R.E as the boss but mostly works in the background.

She now lives in Turkey where she moved to rescue street dogs and has a huge pack of rescued, formally abused, animals! She splits her time between the rescues and visits us in the UK when she can.


Caroline is the lovely lady that will most likely be the one to call you when you send us a homecheck application! 

She lives in Scotland so   is our main point of contact 'up there'. Sadly, Caroline recently lost her last pack member so currently doesn't have a dog  but dedicates so much time to helping all the  Huskies that need us


Allison joined S.H.A.R.E  in 2013  and has been helping rescue Huskies ever since! 

Her first foster threw her right in the deep end and after that, there's no way to escape fostering! 


Allison lives in the midlands so is   usually our chief transporter due to her brilliant central location.


Sammie is Allisons' daughter so joined the rescue at the same time (when she was 13!) and  she has been fully involved most of that time. 

She has a pack of 8 at home after several sad losses in a short period of time. After a break from fostering, this is sure to rise a little!


We also have a network of volunteers across the country to help us with homechecks, assessments, transport and fostering but we are ALWAYS desperate for more! 

If you are interested  in helping us  in any capacity, please contact us for a chat

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