Available Dogs

These are all our dogs that are currently looking for foster or forever homes. You can read some more information on how fostering (    ) and adopting (    ) works from our information pages. If you're interested in any of our dogs, please get in touch via the homecheck application form here!
*All of our dogs now come with 5 weeks free pet insurance from Agria!*


Tahla - ready for her forever home!

Sex - Female

Age - 5 years

Breed - Siberian Husky

Kids? - No

Other dogs? - Possibly a calm male of a similar size

Any issues? - Yes. Tahla is a complex girl and has a bite history due to guarding and fear aggression. She needs a home that will listen to her cues and, most importantly, commit to her.


This girl has had a rocky start which has left her with some issues bless her. She's been in rehab and a lot of work has been done with her but, she does require a home experienced with dealing with severe guarding issues. Tahla has bitten several times when guarding so please understand when we say absolutely no children, no matter how dog-savvy they may be, it is simply too much of a risk for a child and Tahla. Other than guarding, Tahla can be nervous of new people so several meet and greets will be essential.

She needs understanding, love, time and commitment and she will blossom into a fantastic girl. This beauty is happy and bubbly, loves to play, adores learning and is smart as a whip bless her. She can possibly live with other dogs, but you would have to have had experience with inter-dog resource guarding. Tahla desperately needs a home to help manage her issues and blossom into the girl we know she can be.


Teddy - At 'boot camp'!

Sex - Male

Age - 1 year

Breed - Siberian Husky x Malamute

Kids? - 8 years +

Other dogs? - Gets along with most dogs but can guard toys and food

Any issues? - Mouthing, pulling on the lead, general poor obedience, slight resource guarding and an inability to keep still!! 

Additional information - Teddy has Progressive Retinal Atrophy which means his retinas are slowly disintegrating. This is a non-painful condition but it does mean that Teddy will most likely be blind by the time he is 3 years old. He also still needs to be neutered.


Write up:
Teddy is a tiny pup in a big boy body! He is extremely energetic and has no idea how to settle. Like a puppy, this constant overarousal leads to mouthing, there is no aggression in it but he isn't a puppy...he has adult teeth and it can hurt. He is getting much better with this and can easily be redirected to more suitable activities. Other than this, he lacks general obedience as he is constantly on the go and struggles to focus, he also forgets quite easily! 

Currently, Teddy is in kennels having some much-needed work done with him to get him to a more rehomeable point. He is such a lovely, silly, affectionate boy but gosh is he mischievous! We feel that Teddy needs a very active, experienced home that will give him the outlet, time and commitment he needs to flourish. 


Sasha - Ready for her forever home!

Sex - Female

Age - 6 years

Breed - Alaskan Malamute

Kids? - 10 years + 

Other dogs? - No

Any issues? - Reactive to other dogs and has a little bit of separation anxiety

Additional information - Sasha came into rescue as an emergency from the vets as her owners wanted her put to sleep. This is because of an incident with their young child, they did not witness the incident but the child was left with a scratch. Although we have never seen a single bit of aggression towards people  from Sasha, this is why we must stipulate children of 10 years and older only.


Write up:

You'd have to be a bit nuts to take on a known reactive dog but that's what our gorgeous Sasha is! So, we are on the lookout for a dog-free, small child free (approximately 10 years old and upwards) home that is up for a challenge!

Sasha is a 5-year-old stunning female Malamute. She is an absolutely amazing girl! Loves a good fuss and adores playing like a big puppy she really is so loving and you'll never meet a more loyal dog.

Now to be brutally honest...

Sasha is absolutely awful with other dogs! She is very dog reactive, will bark at dogs that are a speck in the distance and can lunge at closer dogs so she really does need some work bless her. 

The most crucial requirement of Sasha's forever home - commitment!!

Commit to Sasha and she will reward you 10 fold. We aren't going to sugar coat this, owning a reactive dog is a rollercoaster to say the least! It's full of some very high highs's but the lows can be very low there will be tears and frustration and wondering why on earth you decided to take her on but there will not be a day that goes by where she doesn't make you laugh and your heart melt.


Emma- Reserved

Sex - Female

Age - 2 years and 10 months

Breed - Siberian Husky

Kids? - 5 years +

Other dogs? - Gets along well with nearly every single dog she has met

Any issues? - Can guard toys against other dogs
Additional information - Emma only has 3 legs! Her care is vastly similar to a 4-legged dog but she does require massaging to ease muscle aches in her hind legs. Hydrotherapy may be necessary as she ages to improve mobility.

Write up:

Emma is a gorgeous young girl who, sadly, has had a really rough start. On valentine's day 2019, Emma's owners walked her off the lead and as a result, she was hit by a Range Rover and her left front leg was severely broken. The vets attempted to fix her leg but unfortunately, the plate and pins slipped so this didn't work and Emma's leg was amputated a few days later. 


She is a cheeky young girl and her personality shines! Emma is very mobile and is faster than most of her homes other Huskies! Her bravery all throughout her surgeries is incredible and this baby doesn't let anything hold her back. Playful, vocal, affectionate and sassy, it's no wonder that her foster home that brought her through her surgeries and recovery has fallen in love with her!

As it stands, Emma is firmly reserved and will likely be adopted soon. 


Please note - Some images show Emma after surgery where bare skin and stitches are visible. There are also 2 x-ray photos that show her leg before and after the repair attempt.