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Available Dogs

These are all our dogs that are currently looking for foster or forever homes. You can read some more information on how fostering (    ) and adopting (    ) works from our information pages. If you're interested in any of our dogs, please get in touch via the homecheck application form here!
*All of our dogs now come with 5 weeks free pet insurance from Agria!*


Tahla - ready for her forever home!

Sex - Female

Age - 5 years

Breed - Siberian Husky

Kids? - No

Other dogs? - Possibly a calm male of a similar size

Any issues? - Yes. Tahla is a complex girl and has a bite history due to guarding. She needs a home that will listen to her cues and, most importantly, commit to her.

This beauty is happy and bubbly, loves to play, adores learning and is smart as a whip bless her. She can possibly live with other dogs, but you would have to have had experience with inter-dog resource guarding. Tahla desperately needs a home to help manage her issues and blossom into the girl we know she can be.

Tahla is our longest resident and no one has even given her a chance. 

Meet and greets in Thrapston, NN14 are essential.

Floki - Ready for his forever home!

Sex - Male

Age - 2 years

Breed - Siberian Husky 

Kids? - Older kids, yes!

Other dogs? - Gets along with most dogs 

Any issues? -  Floki does have some resource guarding issues
                         with other dogs but these are very manageable. 


Floki is currently in foster with six other dogs and generally gets on well with them. He sometimes struggles to read social cues from other dogs and can get overwhelmed in rough play. We think he would flourish in an active home where his humans are around most of the time and he could have all the snuggles he could want! Floki must be fed seperately as he can be a bit protective over his food with other dogs. 

He is a dopey, happy-go-lucky lad that loves a fuss and hanging out with his humans. Floki may need a little on-going training with his lead manners but he's trying hard! 

So, Floki can live with other dogs and children but we need a good chat to see if you are all a good fit for each other

Shadow - Ready for his forever home!

Sex - Male

Age - 4 years

Breed - Siberian Husky x Malamute

Kids? - Older kids, yes!

Other dogs? - Yes!

Any issues? -  Some separation anxiety and counter surfing

Shadow found himself in the pound after being passed from pillar to post and finding himself very underweight and left in a garden until the neighbours reported his crying and howling.

This lovely boy is such a gentleman, he has settled brilliantly in his foster home and they'd keep him if they could! Shadow is pretty laid back and gentle and loves a cuddle. With his past, it's very understandable that he is scared of being left alone although he has made fantastic progress in his home so with time, he will be able to be left for longer periods. Shadow is a scavenger! He will seek out food so you'll need to make sure things are out of his way.

Shadow would do fab in a chilled home where someone is home all the time to start with.

Tuco and Taska - Ready for their forever home!

Sex - Tuco - Male
         Taska - Female

Age - Tuco - 4 years
          Taska - 5 years


Breed - Tuco - Siberian Husky x Malamute x Rottweiler x Collie
              Taska - Siberian Husky (just tiny!)

Kids? - Older kids, yes!

Other dogs? - Most dogs, yes!

Any issues? -  Tuco can pee in the house occasionally

Tuco and Taska came into rescue in dreadful condition, they were emaciated, filthy and very nervous. Their owner had gone to prison and they were left in the house with someone going in occasionally to put food down.  They were either in a tiny yard or a small crate together. Tuco is Taska's son, they have a fantastic bond and rely on each other to explore the world so they really need a home together. 

These two are so, incredibly affectionate and adore cuddles with their humans. Both like to play but Tuco isn't quite sure how! He's getting better but needs some guidance bless him. Taska needs no teaching, stuffed toys beware!  

They currently live with 9 other dogs and get on brilliantly for the most part but occasionally a minor scuffle can break out between them and our less tolerant dogs. They would likely be best with calmer, patient dogs that can give them some time to learn how to interact with others. 

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