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These are all our dogs that are currently looking for foster or forever homes. You can read some more information on how fostering (      ) and adopting (     ) works from our information pages. If you're interested in any of our dogs, please get in touch via the homecheck application form here!

Tahla - ready for her forever home

Gorgeous Tahla, A 5 year old girl who has had a rocky start which has left her with some issues bless her. Shes been into rehab and a lot of work has been done with her but, she does require a home experienced with dealing with severe guarding issues. Tahla has bitten several times when guarding so please understand when we say absolutely no children, no matter how dog savvy they are. Other than the guarding, Tahla can be nervous of new people so we will ask for time commitment to her from the start. 

She needs understanding, love, time and commitment and she will blossom into a fantastic girl.

This beauty is happy and bubbly, loves to play, adores learning and is smart as a whip bless her. She can possibly live with other dogs but again, you would have to have had experience with inter-dog resource guarding. Tahla desperately needs a home full of love, commitment and patience to help manage her issues and blossom into the girl we know she can be.

I come with 5 weeks free insurance

I come with 5 weeks free pet  insurance 

Blaze - in need of forever home

Blaze is just under 3 years old and is in search of his forever home. He needs absolute 100% commitment ❤ He is your typical young husky in desperate need of a calm, confident, experienced owner. Blaze has a very high prey drive which is why he was unable to stay in his last home. He had a bit of an obsession with the resident bearded dragons because of this, blaze absolutely cannot go to a home with cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, reptiles etc or small dogs even if kept separate....HE WILL find a way to get to them, hes a very intelligent lad. He's sometimes quite an energetic boy and does suffer with separation anxiety so an active home with someone around most of the time would be ideal. Because he has been moved so much, Blaze has trouble settling in so you must be prepared for the first few weeks to potentially be quite difficult as he learns your routine and boundaries. He is an escape artist so, as usual, fences in the garden must be minimum 6ft and in good condition. Blaze is good with most other dogs and would likely do best with some well-matched company, ideally female . He can live with older, dog savvy children that can cope with a very playful husky. When he can be bothered to go for his walks (likes his bed too much ) he barely pulls on the lead, but changes into playtime mode if he sees another dog while out. He may also be destructive, may try to escape, may pee in the house at first, may be a bit humpy with people or dogs. notice how we say 'may'? He is NOT a bad boy, just a typical husky that has been moved too much and now has trouble settling. He is such a lovely, affectionate, playful boy with a heart of gold.

I come with 5 weeks free pet insurance 

Teddy - Ready for his forever home 

This boy is about a year old and has been passed from pillar to post. No one had even bothered taking the poor lad to the vets, even to be chipped. 

Hes a beautiful lad who is full of life like any 1 year old is, loves a cuddle and a good play. 

Sadly though, Teddy has been diagnosed with progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), he has lost a fair amount of vision already and will likely be totally blind by the time he is 3 years old at a push. 

He doesn't let his failing sight stop him , so please don't let it stop you giving him a chance.  

Sasha - ready for forever home

I come with 5 weeks free pet insurance 

Special (slightly crazy) home needed for Sasha

Anyone would have to be a bit nuts to take on a known reactive dog but that's what our gorgeous Sasha is So, we are on the look out for a dog free, small child free (approximately 10 years old and upwards) home that is up for a challenge!

Sasha is a 5 year old stunning female Malamute

Now, we don't take really Mally's but our lovely vets called us and Sasha was in grave danger of being put to sleep if she didn't get help urgently We urgently reached out to other rescue but no one could take her and we couldn't just leave her to die so...here she is!

She is an absolutely lovely girl! Loves a good fuss and adores playing like a big puppy she really is so loving and you'll never meet a more loyal girl x

Now for some brutal honesty..

Sasha is absolutely awful with other dogs! She is very dog reactive, will bark at dogs that are a speck in the distance and can lunge at closer dogs so she really does need some work bless her

Her reactivity seems to be a mixture of fear and frustration and CAN be worked with. 

The most crucial requirement of Sasha's forever home - commitment!!

Commit to Sasha and she will reward you 10 fold . We aren't going to sugar coat this, owning a reactive dog is a rollercoaster to say the least! It's full of some very high highs's but the lows can be very low there will be tears and frustration and wondering why on earth you decided to take her on but there will not be a day that goes by where she doesn't make you laugh and your heart melt

Please...give her a chance..

If you have no other dogs, no kids under 10ish and you think you're the right person to give Sasha her forever home, please let us know by filling in this form x

In the 'other information' box, please tell us the application is for Sasha

Emma is a gorgeous girl who is nearly two and sadly has had a really rough start. On valentine's day 2019, Emma was hit by a Range Rover and her left front leg was severely broken. The vets attempted to fix her leg but unfortunately, the plate and pins slipped so this didn't work. On Saturday 23rd February, Emma's leg was amputated. This means that Emma will need some extra care such as supplements and hydrotherapy to ensure her other joints can support her efficiently. She is a cheeky young girl and her personality is starting to shine through. Emma seems to like other dogs but is still under assessment so more details will be added soon!

Emma - Ready for adoption 

I come with 5 weeks free pet insurance


Ready for her forever home

Keisha is 9 years old and is a very affectionate cuddly girl! Adores cuddles and kisses and loves her walks. Still so puppy like and playful however she does take her time to get used to dogs and could only live with dogs (after very slow and careful introductions) that will respect her space when she asks for it but still like a good play.

I come with 5 weeks free pet insurance

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