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Success  Stories

In the 5 years S.H.A.R.E has been open, we have successfully re-homed over 400 dogs! On this page you'll find some of our more challenging cases and our gallery of adopted dogs!

The 12 Huskies of Christmas

Less than a week before Christmas, on the 21st December 2013, S.H.A.R.E were contacted by a lady who had been alerted about 12 Huskies, these dogs were puppy farm dogs. The woman who had them claimed to have rescued them after their owner had died, she said she had had them for only 3 months and hadn't got the time for them and so was giving them away.... rescues had apparently been contacted but everywhere was rammed full, as we all are at any time of year, let alone Christmas which is dumping time for everyone.
A volunteer made contact with the owner and told her that we would come and assess and all being well, collect the dogs and take them to kennels and maybe get other rescues involved, but the first thing obviously was getting them safe... as the risk of them being given away free and the fates of baiting/fighting/breeding and god knows what else was a huge worry...
We rang around and we all flapped about like headless chickens trying to secure emergency boarding kennels for these dogs, we spoke to other rescues who offered to help in any way they could, we were petrified!! we didn't have the funds to take on the responsibility of these dogs...but how could we do nothing?? To find out more about what happened to these babies,

click here !


This poor boy came to the attention of S.H.A.R.E Rescue via a rescue networks post, where we all share dogs in need of help to try and get a rescue to take them on...
His poor emaciated condition caught our attention straight away. We believe Scarfie was picked up as a stray on the streets and he was taken to a pound where he began his time waiting for his owners to come forward and take him home, however...they didn't come for him... he was left there, cold and unclaimed and his time was running out.
Sadly because of the sheer numbers throughout the UK, stray dogs are put to sleep (pts) after they have had two weeks in kennels, simply their time is sadly..up. there are just too many dogs and not enough homes and unless a rescue is able to come forward and offer RBU (rescue back up) on the dog...they sadly too often loose their lives.
We put out a plea to help save Scarfie and a foster home was soon offered by SHARE staff member, luckily for Scarfie he was going to be going to a safe foster home.
A staff member collected Scarfie Friday 19th December 2014 and started the long run towards his to his new lodgings. This boy is a true gentleman, polite and sweet natured and happy to meet anyone who'd give him a fuss! When he was picked up we found he small built boy with lovely red colouring underneath the mucky coat. However, he was literally a bag of bones. It was apparent he was going to take a lot of love, care and attention to get him in good condition. 
He was transported to his foster home where he settled very well, he couldn't believe his paws bless him...a new home and regular meals for Christmas plus, of course, lots of love and cuddles, he has such a lovely heart and just wants to belong and be loved.

Scarfie was in a bad way and it took a lot of time, love and effort to get this boy back into great condition but we did it! He put on some much-needed weight (as you can see is the last picture) and he became a very happy, bouncy boy Scarfie. went to another foster home where it was found that he had corneal lipidosis.
It's an often inherited condition causing incorporation of fat molecules in the cornea, there is no treatment and no prevention, it can progress to affect vision.
He will always see light but vision will be fuzzy and the vet his vision had already been affected. Luckily, his foster family decided to adopt him and his vision hasn't deteriorated any further! This little lad caused many sleepless nights full of worrying whether he was going to make it, but he fought hard and won! We love Scarfie and I think he'll always have a place in our hearts <3 


The lovely little Nancy came to us from the pound where she was due to be put to sleep after serving her 7 days. When this tiny girl first came to us she was very much in need of some TLC, she was extremely underweight and had sarcoptic mange too. Nancy was very itchy all over so had many baths with medicated shampoo, a pair of dog boots were donated to cover her back paws which meant her skin could begin to heal without scratching and she her very own 'onesie' to protect her legs and back. As well as her physical issues, Nancy was also very depressed and scared. She'd completely given up on humans as all they had ever done was hurt her but as time went on she slowly learnt to trust and began enjoying cuddles with her foster mum. When she started to recover, she proved to us that she was not the quiet, meek and mild girl we all thought she was, her fiery personality started to shine and she allowed us to see the true little diva she is! She gained confidence every day and became a lovely, feisty girl that knows exactly what she wants and how to get it but retained her cuddly, quiet side too. Once the gorgeous Nancy had fully recovered, she was adopted and is living life to the full with her new dad <3 

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