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Scared wide-eyed and bewildered...Not sure if to run for your life or stay and shrivel...That's how I remember you baby boy. You had no reason to trust. You were ok as you were and you didn't know what humans were for other than rough handling and shouting. 
Gaining your trust was hard work and slow because you constantly asked me "Why..." and "Are you sure" you were the alerter and you had to keep a clear mind and not let your guard down... 
The first Gizmo kiss I got amazed me and broke me all at the same time. I couldn't get past your harsh manly exterior and I couldn't get inside your just laughed at me a child I did what came naturally and sat on your kennel floor and sobbed...You cleaned my tears and "Newsflash" he has a heart! 
After that you were cheeky and funny and crazy full of energy. We saw each other that day and then there was nothing to hide anymore. 
You now have a mum and dad and a lovely "wife" and you are full of beans and happy...Like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders...
Big daft Gizmo...Amazing boy x

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