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Brave brave Lady...Out of the 12...You were the one who tried to put the past behind you from day one...You knew what was past, was past and that you could either go forward and swim or you could dwell and sink. You were still petrified early on but your brave heart shone through at times. You trusted within a few weeks and you were like a cannon ball of love quickly becoming my "cuddle bug" and a best buddy on walks. The strength in your soul is what got you through and I believe you and Blue got me through a sad time or two ;) 
You were the one who held it together and analysed things...You were of course still scared but you held strong.
Your family came along just as planned ;) and though you took a short while to trust now look at you...You glow with life and love...You are alive and it 
spills out of you for all to see <3

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