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Oh, Storm...
You were beyond scared...You wanted the wall to open up and swallow you. It was painful to watch how you would do anything you could to distance yourself from anything remotely resembling human. You would have happily run into traffic to avoid touch...Attention...and our kennels were not a safe place for fear as blind as yours was. 
You were not only broken in your soul but you had a chunk missing.
 I knew from early on we would need more help than our small rescue and the facilities we had could offer, so we sought other help which quickly came in the form of Val and Raystede animal sanctuary. You were safe there and had more space, time and attention when you needed it. When you were ready and at your pace. You have become a beautiful girl and you have gone through so much to get to this butterfly stage! Look at you now! Stronger inside than you ever thought possible little girl
Go enjoy your life and fly x

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