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Bless you...An old lady who had been used and abused all her life and expected no better for herself. You were scared beyond belief but you tried to work me out for the rest of the pack to see if I were safe, because you were old and worthless in your mind...So it didn't matter if I hurt you...You were expendable and you thought nothing of yourself but to me, you showed courage and you always put others before yourself. 
That first time you allowed me to touch your shoulder...Calming yourself the whole time telling yourself it would be ok. Both of us scared to make a wrong move but after that initial act if trust you followed me everywhere bragging to the other dogs "See...I was right...This one's ok" 
We had fun in the field and you began to build up muscle as you could barely walk initially due to muscle waste. Over time you showed me love and accepted me and won my heart...I intended taking you home once the others were rehabilitated as you were old and I needed you to just enjoy peace...But when I met your new mum (who didn't know it at the time) and saw love in her eyes to match mine I knew...I knew I could let you go x 
You are now happy and very much loved my strong baby girl...Live your life and may it be long and happy and carry on infecting people with your courage <3

Update: Now sadly passed to rainbow bridge.
Foxy girl you lived a wonderful 3 Years happy and carefree with your mum sadly you were diagnosed with mammary cancer.
This was because of your puppy farming life and the damage those terrible years of abuse and neglect had done to you.
You went to sleep on 23 December 2016 
You are now free running over the rainbow bridge with all the other passed babies. We will never forget your courage special girl. Until we all meet again xxx

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