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You were a brave girl...Worried scared and mistreated but brave. You had lived in the house part of the puppy farm and had interacted more with humans so you knew through experience how to avoid a beating. 
You were the guiding light for the others and on the first night after being collected from that feared place and transported to clean kennels where our work would begin you expressed hope and strength and though scared you visibly expressed need to be accepted...wanted...Your scars ran deep but you were a survivor.
Out of the 12, you were the most workable and we felt ready to live in a more homely environment and be worked with one on one so when Blue Cross kindly offered to help...We sent you and you were amazing.
You found your family with the help of Blue Cross and you are a happy girl. The memories will never leave you but you are building fab new ones with your family.
Bless you lil girl x

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