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Big  Red
Defensive, scared to the point where I was worried you would react badly...You needed time time time...You didn't need pushing or man handling as you were broken inside enough because of man's dominance. 
You had been damaged and you trusted no one...why would you...
Raystede took you and they began the slow process of building you back up inside...stitching back together the heart that reckless humans had torn apart.
They fixed you up and you let them and I'm amazed at the young man you have become. You are still awaiting your family because in your are home. After you opened your heart and let Val and the gang in you needed nothing else but what you have. Its not that there is no one for you out there because there's just that you have decided you're quite fine as you are. Every need is met and you are happy. Your strong heart belongs with your family and always will because of how broken you were so no matter where life takes you...A part of you will remain at Raystede.
Big Red...Happy confident heart.

A home did finally come along for you big lad, the right home and you are now happy and loving life, trusting your new family with all your heart.
You have come so very far...and to see updates of you makes us so extremely proud x
Well done Big Red... Live your long and happy life x

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