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Of all of the 12, there was something in your eyes more than distrust...more than neglect. You were solid in your belief that humans were worthless sacks who did nothing but damage and you wanted no part of our cuddly softie
approach...You didn't need me...Or anyone, you were best going it alone.

Mr aloof...but sad...because some part if you watched the others interact and you hoped one day someone would live up to your expectations doubted it so much you put up a wall. 
climbed after day your mum came and spent time with you while you shunned her. I did my usual while you denied to acknowledge my use at all ! 
Eventually, you decided to let your guard down slightly again...Sobbing session in the kennel because I just couldn't crack your shell and I was out of ideas. You crept up and sniffed my hair and barked at me playfully...and from that day you took on a playful boyish attitude and we made progress.
Your mum was always there...Again she didn't accept it at the time and taking you on was hard work but was always going to happen. You two are such similar souls and personality's and you grow in her care every day. You have a lovely family now and your dad built you a fab posh kennel but you never used it. You want to be near your humans.
Good for you Aslan my lion heart. x

Big Red
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