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Hard exterior but a playful pup inside. You were filthy from what you had had to sleep on. You were inquisitive from day one but fear and lack of social skills made you a scared pup and if pushed I think you would have acted out of fear. You took a while and you watched others...You were the puppy of the pack...young at heart and full of energy and you reminded me of a cat! 
On the surface, you were bolshy and alerted everyone when anyone came. You seemed brave and strong. Inside you were very different...You wanted to live and love and be loved but you didn't know how. You wanted to feel safe and accept help and warmth but you daren't. 
Over the weeks play helped you to see...Helped you to trust and eventually you relaxed enough to allow me to touch brush and walk you. We even had kisses. Now you are in your home with a pack around you for strength and you learn life lessons from them every day. You have a human mum who absolutely dotes on you and you now know love... Kisses...affection.
Brave little Anna .. Beautiful child at heart x

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