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S.H.A.R.E -Siberian Husky Aid Rescue and Education is a UK wide rescue which specialise in rescuing and rehoming Siberian Huskies. We began our journey in August 2011 and since then have been growing every day to save this breed from ill fates that befall them through no fault of their own. All our staff dedicate their time for free to help these beautiful specialist dogs and help to make sure they find loving forever homes by performing extensive home checks, helping to transport long distance if needed and offer a life time of support. We rely on the support of our volunteers all over the country but we still need more!

All the dogs that come in to the rescue are places in to the most suitable home checked foster homes. By doing this we provide a safe loving environment for the dogs to stay at whilst thorough assessments are carried out on the dogs behaviour and they offer the help to rehabilitate and train the dogs where needed which can then make them ready for their forever home.  


Do you remember us begging for help for Tahla on our social media pages?

Well ……. now she needs our help AND YOUR HELP more than ever!! YOU can be part of Tahla's journey YOU can help save her life !!

In recent weeks, we have provided behavioural help and support in an effort to keep her where she was with her owners … The family just couldn't cope with her increasingly severe guarding issues, anxiety and reactivity… So sadly it was time for Tahla to be rehomed again or sent to someone who could help her The family really did try but in the end they were nervous of her and this made Tahla even more nervous of them!

So, plan B!

We asked amongst our rescue contacts for an urgent rescue space for this little lady. No one could help! And the situation was becoming more than desperate with Tahla and her chance for a happy future slipping further and further out of reach each day

So we waded in knowing full well we were getting in over our heads but knowing, without help...This girls future was going to end very, very badly

On Thursday 7th August we collected her with the intention of bringing her into an experienced foster home for assessment. Upon collection, Tahla bit a staff member quite badly, it was very unexpected, sudden and there was no warning that we observed. This staff member had previously spent a lovely day with Tahla and her owners a couple of weeks before this, going through how to help her overcome her behavioral issues. The girl we saw when we visited a couple weeks ago, was completely different to who we saw when we collected her… We were devastated but we knew even more at this stage, that we couldn't turn our backs on her, we had to help her and her owners, there was no way she could stay there.

The owners tried to muzzle her but Tahla wouldn’t let them near her, she had gone into meltdown

Eventually the owners got a slip lead on and got her into a crate in the car, she then started to lunge and attempt to attack anyone that went near the crate. We drove home thinking all the way “what on earth are we going to do?”

She was not safe to go to a foster home and our usual kennels weren’t suitable for Tahla either, not to mention the lack of funds.

We had no-where to take her, we just don’t have the facilities or funds to help dogs with such severe aggression issues, this situation was not expected and we found ourselves in way over our heads

We called our vet for advice on what to do and how to handle her due to the circumstances of the bite. They warned there was a high chance there were neurological issues at play and suggested PTS maybe the best option… amidst the shock of the whole situation... We could clearly see PTS certainly wasn't going to be a stress free finish for poor Tahla. infact quite the opposite .. How could we even contemplate this when no one could get near the poor girl ?

It was suggested that we hand her over to the police who would consider her a dangerous dog, use a catch pole and shoot her

Amongst everything...it just felt so wrong

She has been wronged, so badly wronged .. by ‘humans’ and let down time and time and time again. It's only natural for Tahla to have no trust for us, why should she when all she’s known is hurt?

To end her life because she expressed her opinion and reacted badly ….. We would have been letting her down as badly as all the other humans in her life had done, no way was that going to happen!

She deserved a chance so here we are….

Tahla is now safe in a rehabilitation kennels

They stood up and took her in even though they are bursting at the seams but they knew, and we knew, this IS her only chance as we won't put her in a position where she will bite again so we will wait and see…

We can't rule out neurological damage…There is no apparent physical illness and the rehab centre are going to give her all the time she needs to come back down and reset her mind before beginning any work with her

This time in her life SHE will tell her humans when it's time for her to trust, she won’t be forced

When SHE is ready, work will begin on her terms, however long that takes. We hope that by giving her this right, she will eventually let us into her heart and forgive humans for the absolute mess they have made of her life so far

However, Tahla now needs YOUR help..

This vital rehabilitation comes at a massive cost of £32.50 every single day

That is approximately £1000 every month for as long as Tahla decides she needs.

We categorically CANNOT afford this!!

We categorically CANNOT let ££££ dictate the life and future of any dog!

Without YOU helping we cannot do this and her future and the future of SHARE Rescue is very uncertain

We need a group of amazing people that can donate £1000 between them every month towards Tahla’s rehabilitation

It can be as little or as much as you like, absolutely every penny helps and one off donations are very much appreciated but this cost will be ongoing for an unknown amount of time so we really need consistent funding for Tahla

We will provide regular updates on our girls progress

We see a beautiful girl in there .. we only hope she can be brave enough to come out the other side and into a loving home

YOU can be a part of Tahla’s journey, YOU can be the reason she has a chance at life All it will take is a couple of minutes to set up a monthly donation either through paypal Friends and Family option (or we will get charged and not receive your full donation) @ sharerescue@yahoo.co.uk or by standing order via the bank (please ask for bank details ) Please save her life !!





These are the lovely people that support us and have either fundraised for us or dontated goods and services that we can use to fundraise. Please show them some love and return their support <3

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