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S.H.A.R.E -Siberian Husky Aid Rescue and Education is a UK wide rescue which specialise in rescuing and rehoming Siberian Huskies. We began our journey in August 2011 and since then have been growing every day to save this breed from ill fates that befall them through no fault of their own. All our staff dedicate their time for free to help these beautiful specialist dogs and help to make sure they find loving forever homes by performing extensive home checks, helping to transport long distance if needed and offer a life time of support. We rely on the support of our volunteers all over the country but we still need more!

All the dogs that come in to the rescue are places in to the most suitable home checked foster homes. By doing this we provide a safe loving environment for the dogs to stay at whilst thorough assessments are carried out on the dogs behaviour and they offer the help to rehabilitate and train the dogs where needed which can then make them ready for their forever home.  


These are the lovely people and groups that support us and have either made a financial donation, fundraised for us or dontated goods and services that we can use to fundraise. Please show them some love and return their support <3

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